255 Flat – elegant and beautiful

255 Flat, with a unique and attractive look, contains contanier units housed in Oak lacquered. The width of the units is usually 35.4 in and could be available in various colours ranging from white, grey, brown and red. They are normally gloss lacquered oak stained dark products, with the container units having two doors and three drawers. One of the drawers is large, while other is small and the third is a tray. Bottles can be placed in the tray meant for that.

The Oak lacquered units feature large drawers and comes in many models and colors.You can also customize as your need and you dream.Everything is possible nowadays if you are going to decorate your living room and if you have a budget.I love these units because are finished in oak stained dark with glass painted in white or white marble.Also you can put on top a TV plasma and many media systems if you want to create a multimedia room.

Dang Residency in Seattle – shining in natural light

There are people who are interested in the classic model houses, while others are interested in the modern designs. The Dang Residency in Seattle, is a wooden house, two-storey building which is beautifully covered in natural cedar. This is designed by the Pb Elemental architecture. The house is around 3600 Sq.ft in surface.

The house is well designed with three bedrooms and a media room. The study room and the living room with enough open space add to the comfort of the house. The interesting part of the house is the way they have made use of skylight and the windows to bring light into the house, including each and every corner.

The long narrow living room is well designed having a open kitchen and many other furniture that are contemporary starting from the green pillows to the round coffee table.

Contemporary House by Feldman Architecture

Obviously this is my dream house! House Ocho designed by Feldman Architecture located on a nature preserve in the beautiful Santa Lucia Mountains. It is the perfect location for relaxation and night parties with friends.The Ocho house stunning site consists of oak forest and steep meadows, which strongly constrained and inspired our unconventional design. The designer divided the spaces into a series of “pavilions” to break up the house’s overall mass.

Enjoy the interior pictures, an awesome design with modern minimalist furnishing, which makes the space look larger.  The hill slope is beautifully contoured by the rock steps that lead to the house, surrounded by natural rocks from time to time. When the weather is fine you can enjoy the view outside, sitting on the outdoor benches or even around the stone fireplace built directly in the house wall.

Hideaway Island House by Frank Macchia

Located on Hideaway Island in the Noosa region of Australia’s Sunshine Coast is this house designed by local architect Frank Macchia.The 4 bedroom-4 bathroom house is located on a beautiful island overlooking gorgeous landscape and is lavish and luxurious in design.

The ground level is totally dedicated to easy living. The heated pool and water features meander from the entry to the river emphasizing the indoor-outdoor symbioses. The sprawling lounge, kitchen and dining areas all capture stunning river views, which in turn invite immediate relaxation.

The sizeable waterfront terrace sitting above the white sandy beach is the entrée to the beautifully designed jetty. The second floor accommodates three ensuited bedrooms and media room. The sophisticated c.bus system controls security, lighting and integrated entertainment systems tailored to the owners specific requirements.

Coofe, Modern Coffee and Tea Maker

Some people would say that coffee tastes the same no matter how you prepare. They would be very wrong as there are many different types of coffee, each with unique characteristics and tastes and there are also numerous methods of preparing coffee. Moreover, the gadgets we use for preparing this very popular beverage are constantly changing. Modern coffee makers can be distinguished from the traditional ones thanks to their improved techniques and user-friendly designs.

This is Coofe. It’s a very modern and very simple-looking coffee maker. Its unique design features a touch screen interface with multi lingual support and this makes more versatile than ever. The gadget also has multiple other wonderful features. Its lightweight design makes it very versatile. You can move it from place to place and you can even take it with you on the terrace, deck or whenever you want to spend some time outdoors. Imagine yourself sitting on the terrace or by the pool in the morning and drinking a delicious cup of coffee while admitting the views and the nature.

Coofe is also wonderful for preparing tea. So if you would rather stay away from coffee for one reason or another, a cup of tea will be a nice alternative. Combining and coffee and tea making systems into one design was a clever idea. It increases the versatility of this piece while its simple and user friendly design and attractive colors make it a lovely choice for all modern and contemporary spaces.

P&P 900 Modular Wall Storage System

The modern furniture from Ligne Roset is perfect for small environments.The P&P 900 modular wall mounted storage system is as versatile as good looking and is comprised of floor to wall profiles in natural or black anodized aluminum with matching molded end pieces.Other features include CD or DVD shelving, desk top workstation, and support for flat screen bay with 51 1/4′ or 35 1/2” widths mounted on height-adjustable lacquered steel supports.

Modular wall system storage furniture comes in hundreds of different varieties to suit every room with attaching storage and desks and stylish expandable wood executive suites can both be called modular.Deppending on the style that you choose the pricing can be based on size and complexity of composition.For small or big spaces the modular system storage is the best solution.Also you can create a special media system for your living room on the whool wall.The black and white combination of wall systems with a black background looks contemporary.

Trunk Light by Dima Loginoff

Inspiration for a design can come from anywhere and quite often nature or the animal realm offers us many great ideas. People are often fascinated by the wild animals, the way they look and their lifestyle. They are very mysterious and this makes them interesting to us. We use them as models for our modern creations. For example, this is Trunk. It’s a suspended light fixture designed by Dima Loginoff

Shaped like an elephant trunk, this lighting fixture offers a new and interesting perspective. The shape is actually quite simple and, of course, the modern touches make it even more eye-catching and interesting. It’s the type of light fixture you could opt for in a bar for example but residences can also be a nice option. The shape is not the only element that makes this fixture special. It’s a modern piece that lights in different colors such as blue, green or pink. This definitely is a detail that would make such a light fixture stand out, regardless of where it is placed.

The suspended pendant lamp is made of chrome, metal, glass and LED. The similarities between the shape of this fixture and the trunk of an elephant definitely give it an edge. However, it’s the collection of eye-catching details as a whole that impress us and not the shape alone. It’s the type of light fixture you could use in the kitchen, in the dining room or even in the bathroom. It would be a very nice accent piece and focal point for a minimalist décor.

Scroll Pan – Roll-up Frying Pan

If you don’t have enough space in kitchen and you are looking for stuff that doesn’t eat-up your space, then look no further , because you have just found out this Scroll Pan from the UK designer Sam Hextall. A cooking pan that can be easily rolled up is not something you can see every day, and for sure will make your kitchen space a little bit larger. This cooking pan has a sleeve where your can place the rolled pan and hang it somewhere in your kitchen. If all of the kitchen accessories can be like this, I am sure we will never encounter any storage problem anymore, and we can already use the extra space for some other purposes.

Any way, the idea is original and funny as nobody would have imagined a frying pan looking like a piece of fabric glued to two metal handles. But the designer thought of the practical purpose , too, because this unique frying pan is made of Diphenyl silicone (plasma treated and Teflon coated) and this means that your omlette will not stick to it. But I can’t imagine how you can use it for preparing a steak or some other meals that imply using liquids. I guess you don’t.

The Atlantique Collection From Florence Collections

The latest furniture collection from Florence Collections is the Atlantique Collection. As you can see above, the style is eclectic art deco, with warm colors and sparkling details. Every single item looks like the featured item in the room, and yet together, the pieces don’t look too crowded or over the top. There is a beautiful combination of simple items like the chairs and the floor, or the carpet and the walls that cool down a bit the sparkling hanging lights and the adorned separating doors. But the whole view is a gorgeous one, showing us and elegant and stylish living room.

Look at this living/dinning room below, all the furnishings and accessories ooze opulence but without being vulgar or pretentious .The glittering of metals like gold and chrome also gives the room an understated sparkling sheen.

The seriousness of the black shades is added a touch of sensitivity through the gold or coraille details and a touch of white every now and then. As you can see from the pictures, especially the latter one, the designer pays attention to details and this way obtains the perfect combination. Once again, the guys from the Italian company – Florence collections – prove their professionalism and eye for home design.

Moroso Fauteuil Juju Chair

The first words that come into my mind after seeing this piece of furniture are “comfortable” and “soft”. These are the words that best describe this beautiful chair. Designed for Italian manufacturer Moroso, Fauteuil Juju is a simple piece of furniture. It has a design that focuses on being user-friendly, comfortable and cozy but without neglecting the shape and overall style.

Fauteuil Juju has a very friendly design. This makes it both attractive and versatile. It’s a piece that would look nice in a bedroom where it would complement the room quite nicely thanks to its soft look and rounded shape. It’s also a piece that would be perfect for the kids’ room. It has rounded corners and a child-safe design. The base is soft and padded and the backrest shares the same characteristics. Also, the colors chosen for this piece of furniture are pleasant and beautiful as well. The combination of beige and pink is subtle and the pale, pastel shades further let us know that this is a chair that impresses with its comfortable structure and design.

The chair is small and chic. You could easily include it in a children’s bedroom design or, even better, in a nursery room where the colors are usually also soft and pale. As we’ve already mentioned, it would make a very nice addition to a bedroom where it would integrate perfectly into the cozy and warm atmosphere. Of course, the versatility of this piece of furniture doesn’t stop here and, given the right type of décor, you could use it a home office, living room or any other space.